3 Best Tips to Build an Audience for Your Content

By | August 27, 2018
Do you want to be popular on the web?

Do you want to create an audience?

Yes? But how do you do it if you are not aware of it?

Hey, everyone! today, I’m gonna share with you how to build an audience when you’re a nobody.

3 Best Tips to Build an Audience for Your Content

#1. Find 1000 True Fans

For me, the first tip you have comes from Kevin Kelly is called 1000 True Fans Generally, the product or service you are providing, or what you are doing, is probably a really active community of those people. For true death fans, they usually hang on specific sites, for example in marketing specifications, they can be on SOCKS or WordStream or NeilPatel.com. They can be in the Facebook group, they can say on sites like Growthworkers, Find them wherever they are, join them. Not just affiliate with the community, they are human beings join them. Seriously, give time to join 1,000 people when you join them with your true death fans. They become your first 1000 visitors, your first 1000 people in your customer list, your first 1000 customers are not likely to buy from you, but they’re likely to be blogging, sharing, sharing with others. This helps you reach out to the next 10000 buyers or fans or customers. From there, it allows you to grow more than 100000..

To give you an idea about this, when I started my first blog when someone left a comment, I answer and help them. Whenever someone emails me, I will go back and email them and try to help them. Whenever someone tweets in my place and I’m not sure what I’m doing, then I’ll try to tweet back and try it free of charge. What were you trying to do? I was trying to involve each other with people who were involved in the community so that I could make my first 1000 fans. In this way, there is no matter what you are doing, publish a blog post, issue a video on YouTube, try to share content, those fans will support you and you will need to get traffic and sales


#2. Guest Post

Another idea for me to see me is that the publication of 1000 people who are busy in the community Generally, they do not read many sites. For example, in the marketing world, there are many marketing blogs on which I can not track, but some popular people are super popular, such as neilpatel.com, or backlinks, or mobs or HubSpot. But when you post a guest on these sites, they do not make much effort because you do not need to post a guest on hundreds of sites. Instead, you just have to post a guest on the site, and this superfan will say, “O God! Neil is everywhere.” David is everywhere. John is everywhere. “Because they are seeing the main things they read. They will be busier, they are more likely to get back to your site, and of course, they also remember your name and your company.


#3. Ask People within the Community to Share your Content

I have a third trick for you that asks people in the community to share their content. If you ask people to share their content in your community, especially if you do not have any fans and you do not have any, they will not usually do this. So you should do something that they want to share. For example, if I was new to the marketing world and I published an astonishing blog post with data and data about marketing and information, and if I link to Backlink or Brian Dean or Sox with someone, then I would say, “Hey Brian, I say, I I am a big fan of your work, many, I have also linked to you in your latest blog post. Feel free to feel Cheers, Neil PS. If you share it, you enjoy this blog post. “Such simple emails will be found by people who consider sharing your content between leaders in your community and it will prepare you as follows. In such a way, if all the influencers in your place are sharing your content and talking about you, then others will be like this, “O God, I need to emulate Neal.” Or, “Ryan Fish are talking about it. ” This is a great way to create a super busy community. Now, I’m moving forward with more tips, but I have found that these three simple people work well.


So, let’s mix it. One, you have to find out where your community members are and connect with them. That’s not because it will help you to build a community, but because you really care if you do not really care about the people, they are looking for it and you do not have to follow the loyalists of your first 1000 fans. Two, you need a guest post, but you do not want guest posts everywhere. It’s a lot of work, you will not get the result. You need a guest post on the major industry publications that readers are reading in the place. Third, this is the last thing to record, the other influencer of your work, you want to link your data, use your data, back up the point, whatever you want to do. Of course, once you do this, please email them That they will share your content.

If you follow those three tips, you will not get more traffic, but you’re building another loyal fan base, so whenever you remove content, videos, podcasts, people are waiting for you to follow. Listen, see, look at it the best, when you want to monetize, they will also start buying from you, thank you for your visit, if you are the first to build and struggle to incorporate the community, then leave the comment below, tell me That’s what you’ve tried, where you’re struggling. I will answer with some suggestions.

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