5 Men’s Etiquette that Women Loves

By | August 26, 2018

If you are a man then it is your responsibility to hell, it is your duty to read this special article till the end. Only a person who thinks whether women are seen or do they like courtesy and personality. I assure you that courtesy and personality matters. In today’s article we are talking about five habits that make you more attractive to women, we are talking about etiquette 101.

Think of courtesy as a language, code of conduct, a set of tasks, you have to learn to do in certain situations. If you learn good manners then you will come to be the most sexy, the most sophisticated and clearly more polite. So if you are a boy, then you have to start these basics of school time, and you have to know these tasks like the back of your hands. The basics of school time are etiquette that you learn for the first time in your kindergarten, in your school, your KG teachers taught you this. But unfortunately, you are not using it enough.


5 Men’s Etiquette that Women Loves

#1. Thank you

Firstly thank you for the word. You are really appreciating someone’s help. Learn to say, thank you for the smallest things thank you. Which will stop you as a more submissive. So whether a waiter is taking your order, even if someone has passed something on the dinner table or even if someone is opening the door for you, you often learn to learn to thank. Sorry, when you want to attract someone’s attention or even if you just want to go super fast and go some way in one place. I’m sorry, a humble way of saying “ebay i did not hear the hearing”. Please, if you want something very intensely and you do not want to be rude, or if you only had a fancy restaurant or fancy dinner and you do not want to come as desperate. For example, can you pass the butter chicken? And finally we are sorry, we are talking about apologizing. To apologize often learn that you come in the form of a little more polite than normal, you know if you step on someone’s feet or if you accidentally push someone, you learn to say, I have regret. But do not say that I often apologize that you come in the form of humble.


#2 Table Etiquette

Courtesy Rule Number Two We are talking about table etiquette. This is a very big topic. When you get out for lunch or dinner or even if you are just having lunch or dinner with just one woman, then what kind of rules do you have to follow? You are eating like a complete Jungali, but if you need to behave well then trust me one day. So these are the basics, when you are coming to the table that you sit to take a chair for your lady. Next time you are starting your own meal, make sure you put napkins on your lap. Do not start eating without having a napkin in your lap.

#2.1 Knife rule

Third, we are talking about the fork and knife rule. Pick a knife with your right hand, use fork with your left hand. If you want to cut something, then grind it with your thorns and then cut your knife with your knife while using your knife as an anchor.

#2.2 Burp

And finally we’re talking about burping. Make sure that you are never a boy who does not go to lunch table or dinner table. If you want a burp, just like a burbs, cover your mouth. Please forgive me and book very quietly. Try making minimal noise. Do not chew your mouth open whenever you want to chew your food. And very important thing is that your mouth is closed. Do not make much noise while trying to chew quietly. If you are a brother who makes noise from your mouth during chewing or if you are a brother who makes noise with this burp, while doing burping, your class is going well from 100 to zero.


#3. Movement etiquette

We have a courtesy Rule number three fine, we are talking about movement manners. You need to talk with women’s activities. Let’s say that you are walking with a woman, always try to walk in the favor of the woman or at the woman’s pace at any time. Next we are talking about the doors always open doors for your lady. Believe me this is the golden rule of courtesy. And if this is an open path, if there is no door then let you pass the woman while walking and then go back. Anything that speaks class like your movement manners is okay.


# 4. Become an enigmatic listener

Courtesy of rule number four One of the most important lives. The rule is not one of the most important etiquette rules. Learn to be a good listener. When someone is saying that contact with the person with some eyes. If a conversation occurs in the middle of a sentence, in the middle of a sentence. Do not interrupt them with any other unrelated topics. If you want to disrupt them then ideally try to disrupt them, while adding something to what you are saying. And if you really want to talk about something else like you have a place to go to, then I’m sorry to forgive me, but I just wanted to go to Lu, I came back to come back I will come And once you come back to the conversation, bring back the same conversation.

Another quick body language move is that, when you speak, you try to match the other person’s physical language. It closes you as more attractive, it is one of the psychological hacks you can use in life. But the most important thing is that when someone says that the conversation listens. Stay in the middle of the conversation and if you do not really know what to say in the middle of the conversation, just ask a question about the subjects about which they have spoken about. This rule applies when women’s relationships and clearly come to your career and dates of your life.


#5. Be Nice

Fifth and final rule. When it comes to courtesy and life in general, be good. When I was very young, I read this English pronoun, which said, “You will catch with vinegar anytime, you will catch more flies with honey”. It basically means that if you are a sweet person in the ordinary people and people come out and help you. If you are a person who uses people or if you are a person who judges other people how they look or how they behave, then automatically show who you are internally. We all try to become a person who does not judge for anyone, how they look or how they behave.


Above all, there is a positive view towards the world. Withdraw your decision with your mind, remove negative feelings against others from your mind. If you have a positive attitude and you do very good deeds, then if you are really a good person. It is not much more attractive than that. There is nothing that women are more attractive than clean hearts.

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