6 Steps to Get The Best Sleep | Sleep Meditation

By | August 26, 2018

After a full day of work we all need our body to be relax. we need a decent time to sleep and get recharge for the next day. So in today’s article I am giving you a step-by-step manual to maximize the quality of your comfort meditation. How To Sleep, Better Sleep, Last Sleep Cleanliness Manual

The body can not hear it. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s rest. Sleep is less than an extended meditation session when done correctly.


6 Steps to Get The Best Sleep

Finish Your Exercise & Food

Two to three hours before bedtime start with the phase of sleeping. Two golden rules of this important stage Rule one exercise your finish. Rule two before your golden phase, finish your meal. Exercise pulls your inhaled oxygen towards your lungs and your muscles. Food pulls your breathing oxygen towards your digestive system. The result is long and deep breaths to satisfy your muscles and the involved system. Everything about quality sleeping brain oxygen is not body oxygen. And brain oxygen occurs when your breath is low, when your lungs do not have to work so much when the oxygen you are pulling works to refuel your brain, not your body.


Body Temperature

Let’s go to the rule number three body temperature. You fall asleep when your body temperature is one degree or two less than normal. When your body is usually cold. If you warm your body near sleeping, it will affect your sleep badly. That is why you should avoid practice and avoid hot shallow. The way to go with the showers is keeping them weak, slightly lower than the room temperature. Good enough for you to feel clean and sleepy.



Rule Number Four Lights Keep your phone away from an hour before sleeping. I am sure that you have heard it a million times but believe me that there is nothing that can ruin your sleep as forms or other shiny screens. Depending on the amount of light entering through your eyes, your body feels sleepy or weak. Turn off such quick tips on your bright lights, set your alarm, keep your phone away.


Final Activity

Very importantly rolled up five golden step activities. The way your brain creates the ultimate activity of your day, there is a great effect on the thought process. This is the day where you can directly influence your subconscious mind part of your brain responsible for the development of your career and the development of your life. So how do you read this part of your day useful? No phone screen. PlayStation is not a TV show. But books, read something. This will help you with your sleep, and more importantly, if you choose something positive or something that benefits your brain in any way better. If you are not a big reader who is fine listen to the 2018 podcast. You can get more benefits from them because you can benefit from books and sometimes if you are not ready for self-improvement then just listen to some music. But keep it soft, keep it slow, slow it down.


Sleep Meditation

And finally, rule number six on which you hit your bed. It is a moment of truth, all of these activities grow up to this moment. If you have done everything right then sleep should not be difficult. But if you have a person who struggles with your sleep then meditate special sleep. Place your hands on your solar placsus on one side of your chest line and on the other hand just by hand down. Now just focus on your breath, try to add a silent spell in the process. Whatever two words you say in your mind, it does not take your tongue, do not worry about pronunciation, just say the word in your mind. Sleep the word happy word just repeat it in your head. Do not focus too much on this. Slowly fade into the background of your brain, do not try to think about your actions for the next day. To think about your good or bad moments from the last day, think not only about the comfort that your body’s peace is comfortable with in your bed. If you feel like this then peace and darkness turn into a comfortable situation. And after that dive deeply about how much rest your body gets. If you live in the present moment and are no longer there, then you will get to sleep. Do not worry about how long you are not worried, use the mantra to focus on anything. Allow your breath and take you to this resting mind.


We hope you understand the science of get best sleep and these are the 6 Tips to Get Best Sleep. Comment down your experience and let us know your view on this. Thanks.

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