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Gift For Rakhsabandhan

By | May 27, 2018

Do not keep the same old gift on Rakshabandhan, give it to your sister, these smart gadgets.


Rakshabandhan Gifts for Your Loved Ones

In Rakshabandhan, only a few days have passed, in which the tension of every brother should have increased, what this gift will give to your sister this time.

Clothes, jewelry and chocolates have become very old, with a new era, you should now change a bit too. Right, no, so let’s solve the confusion of your gift. What could be better than the gadget in today’s hi-tech era,

So let us tell you which rakshabandhan gifts you can give to your sister.



Rakshabandhan Gift

1 – Smart Locks

This is not a simple lock-up, but there is a magical lock that protects your sister in times of trouble. Actually, there is a button behind it that can send messages to the state of emergency by clicking on it. Also, the live location can be shared through this locket. It costs Rs 1,999 and you can buy it from an e-commerce website.


2 – Hot-spot device

Geo Fi or Airtel hot-spot device is also a good gift option. Through these, the Internet can be used easily or at home or outside the Internet. If your sister spends too much time on the Internet then this gift is best for her. You can call this device priced at a thousand mobile Wi-Fi router.


3 – Powerbank

If the power bank passes away or when traveling, then the problem of mobile battery discharge will not be there. You can gift your bank to PowerBank, during the journey it will be very useful.


4 – Bluetooth Speaker

If your sister is fond of music you can gift her a Bluetooth speaker. In the online market, you will easily find Bluetooth speakers of companies like MI, JBL, Wonderboom, Flipps. These are not too expensive too.


5 – a fitness band

If your sister is a fitness freak then this will be a perfect gift for her. Seeing fitness tracker bands will definitely make them happy. The fit on the band will be found on any online website.


6 – VR headset

If your sister is fond of film or video on mobile then you can give them virtual reality headset gifts. The VR headset is also quite trendy nowadays.


7 – Bluetooth Headphones

If your sister talks too much on the phone or listens to songs, she can also gift a Bluetooth headphone. In the market there are Bluetooth headphones of companies like Samsung, JBL, sniper, and bot, you can take anybody according to your budget.


8 – Google Chrome Cast

If your sister has a smart TV in the house then you can also gift them Google Chrome Cast. With this help, they can connect their phones to the TV and watch the video you want on the phone on TV.


9 – Kindle

If your sister likes to read, Kindle will be her best gift. Its battery also works well and many good books are also available on this free.


Speed ​​Up your JIO’s Internet Speed, Just Change One Setting

By | May 20, 2018

In September last year, Reliance Jio officially stepped into the Indian telecom market.

After the arrival of Geo, hardly Internet users have recharged the internet in their phones. Geo started the internet as well as all the other facilities for free. The most important thing in all of this was that Geo was not only providing Internet services but also with fast speed.


Speed ​​Up your JIO’s Internet Speed, Just Change One Setting

Double the relay live internet speed:

Recently, the services of Reliance Geo have fallen. Now users will be charged for getting any services of Geo. However, tariff plans offered by Geo are far less than the others. These plans are also lower in the price and the data facility is also given more.

However, now many users complain that Reliance Jio’s internet speed has diminished. At the same time, network problems have to be computed too many times. At the same time, the results of the Ucal Speed Test have also been claimed to be lower than the Reliance Geo 4G speed. In such a situation, if you are upset about the speed of Geo then tell that you can increase Internet speed in many ways, come know very easy trick from them.

Through apn settings:

By changing the access point name we can increase the 4G speed of Geo. But before doing this, keep in mind that you can back up the APN well on your smartphone.

# 1: First you have to go to Android ‘Settings’ in the phone, then go to ‘Cellular Networks’ or ‘SIM Cards and Mobile Networks’.

# 2: Now you have to go to the access point name, tap Live 4G here. You have to edit entries here.

# 3: Edit the details below.

  • Server:
  • Authentic Type: None
  • APN type: Default
  • Bearer: LTE

# 4: Now save all this information and re-select the profile. Keep in mind that all these changes are done after you back up the APN.

# 5 :Now after making all the changes, restart yourself and take advantage of the fast speed of Geo.

Man’s Dressing – Party Looks | Style Tips

By | May 20, 2018

in today’s article, we’re talking about dressing party wear for Indian men and we’re not just gonna cover one kind of party. we’re gonna talk about four different looks for four different kinds of parties. covering the absolute formal party may be a corporate event your school or college fair well any event where there’s gonna be CEOs or VIPs next. we’re gonna be covering the formulas casual party may be someone’s anniversary or birthday or night out to a fancy bar or a lounge. we’re gonna be covering the clubbing look chill clothing that you wear to a dance club or a house party and finally, we’re talking about the daytime party look all about those light colors all about that Sunday brunch scene.


Man’s Dressing – Party Look | Style Tips

So I’ll be talking about every single aspect of all those looks. but first, you’ve gotta understand three constants in every single look constantly number. one you gotta wear some kind of wrist accessory ideally it should be a watch if you want my watch recommendations. number two we’re talking about the perfect hair product when it comes to pretty grooming we’re talking hair wax apply it onto your hair in order to get that slightly wet slightly more groomed.

Finish perfect for all kinds of parties and the third constant is a good-quality perfume or cologne. smell perfect in order to appear more attractive now let’s start with the party looks.


Formal Party Look:

so look number one that we’re talking about is the absolute formal party. maybe your office party a corporate event or an event where they’re CEOs VIPs coming in. a rule number one for this kind of party is that the minimum you’ve got to do is at least wear a good shirt that you’re gonna tuck into your pants. for an event like this you wanna wear the same trousers you wear to your office ideally your darker color and if you don’t go for trousers you can go for a dark colored tree. no, maybe black chinos or grey chinos and that’s for the shirt you can wear ideally.

Give preference to darker colors black navy blue dark grey. like, in this case, your next preference is maybe off why so it’s not extremely like paying for extremely light blue. those are kind of more formulas and then your next option is a good quality white shirt. in all three cases your pants complete the look. but if you’re going for a slightly darker showed you can even go for like a small pattern.

To your outfit and take your party looks one step further in that casual direction. but still, keep it formal after your shoes and belts. in this case obviously, you’ve got to match the colors. it’s a formal occasion you can go for formal shoes. you can go for semi-formal shoes like groves or monk straps and finally, you can also go for a great pair of loafers. that’ll pay extremely well with your outfit. now very important if you want to go one step further and impress everyone on that formal occasion you can wear a suit. like in this case if it’s a formal event ideally match your trousers to the color of your jacket if it’s a slightly less formal event.


Semi-Formal Party Look:

The kind of event I am speaking about play around with the color of your pants.  just make sure pairs well with the color of your jacket and also when you’re going buy a suit ideally get it from a tailor. get your own tailored suit that will fit you perfectly all right. so that covers it all when we’re talking about the formal look but what about parties where it’s a little more chill. maybe you’re going out for someone’s birthday and anniversary, maybe your fancy Club or fancy bar let me hand it over to slightly more children.

we’ve all right so while we’re talking about the formulas casual look you’ve got keep in mind two key factors. play around with colors and play around with batteries like in this case. check out this pattern showed if you pair it with the correct pants it looks absolutely fantastic. because this is extremely fashionable currently so while it’s in vogue. while it’s still factorable make complete use of it and you can see.


So let us know if you like our fashion tips and share your experience in the comment section below.

These 10 Glorious Status on Your Whatsapp on Rakshabandhan

By | May 13, 2018

These 10 glorious statuses on your Whatsapp on the occasion of Rakshabandhan

Welcome to our tech channel. Be sure to follow the channel to read the best news of Tech with the latest news of Tech World.


These 10 Glorious statuses on Your Whatsapp on Rakshabandhan

On August 26, the festival of Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated across the country. On this occasion, every Indian will send congratulatory messages to his brothers and sisters in their own way. In such a way that the most popular, those are Whatsapp status. There is no good news or bad news or any particular day, people in India do not forget to change their Whatsapp status.

In such a way, today we are going to tell you some excellent Raksha Bandhan quotas which will be the best for WhatsApp status.

1. Never fight with us, sometimes quarreling with us, but without saying we always have the sister’s ability to understand everything we say.

2. Holi is colorful, Diwali is light full and Rakhi is a powerful relationship. Happy Rakhi!

3. All of the stars of flowers are said to say. There are thousands of my brothers. Love You Allot, Happy Defense Binding Brother

4. Together and grew up together, got plenty of love in childhood. This festival has come to enhance brother’s love. Happy Defense Binding.

5. Sister does not just love – kindness, does not ask for big gifts, relationships have remained for centuries, thousands of happy brothers have met.


Some More Beautiful Statuses

6. The festival of Rakhi was that brother was also ready for Rakhi Bondage. Brothers say, broach my rakhi now, let it flow, “Leave the wrist, first rupees thousand two.

7. The streets are punished by flowers, girls have kept at every turn. I do not know where you come from, so why have you kept Rakhi in the hands of everyone.

8. Her Hussain kaleja rag, an arrow left from the nines He smiled, came closer and said, “Rakhi bandhwale, my hero!”

9. You have a discussion in every street, every girl has the love for you. There is no miracle at the same time because in some days it is the festival of Rakhi.

10. Every girl is waiting for you, every girl is helpless for you, every girl has your attention, friend! This is


Top 5 Places to Visit in Gujarat

By | May 13, 2018

Are you looking for the best places to visit in Gujarat?

Want to know about the awesome and famous culture of Gujarat?

After the  Amitabh Bachchan became the brand ambassador of Gujarat Tourism, It became more famous. Here we are going to tell you about every famous place in Gujarat that you must visit. So without wasting much time, let’s get started.


Top 5 Places to Visit in Gujarat

Well, Gujarat is my favorite place and there are several reasons for this. First one is obvious that it is my native place and writing about my native place is wonderful. So here I have some awesome places that I have personally visited and found it must visit places.


1. The White Desert – Great Rann of Kutch

A must visit on a trip to Gujarat, Great Rann of Kutch is reputed to be the world’s largest white salt desert. Spanning over an area of 7505 sq km in the western fringes of Gujarat, the desert looks like a diamond under the scorching sun and appears like an eerie under the bluish glow during the night hours. To witness the best of the white desert, one should visit there during the Rann Utsav, which happens between November and March. On a visit to the white desert, make a point to enjoy the camel safari. Many villages nearby Kutch like Hodko, Nirona, Mandvi, and Bhujodi, has hotels and resorts where you can book a stay when on a trip to Kutch. Apart from the white desert, you can al visit Narayan Sarovar, Koteshwar temple and Bachuchara temple.


2. Gir National Park, Junagadh

One of the largest domains of the ferocious Asiatic animals, Gir National Park is a sparkling diamond in the jewels of Gujarat. Along with lions, this dry deciduous forest is home to more than 300 avian species like great horned own, crested serpent eagle and other members of the cat family like leopards. Going by the records of the forest department, there are 29 species of reptiles, 33 species of mammals, 93 species of invertebrates, 96 trees, and 448 flowering plants. Also, the national park is notable for its silk cotton trees; whose bright orange flowers add dashes of color to this dusty brown landscape. Best time to go for jeep safari at Gir National Park is between March and May.


3. Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad

Originally called Satyagraha Ashram, Sabarmati is Mahatma Gandhi’s second ashram (first being the Kochrab Ashram) where he planned a significant number of freedom movements between 1917 to 1930. One can find a special mention of Sabarmati Ashram in the archives of India as here Mahatma Gandhi trained activist to join his movements like Swadeshi movements, non-violent and civil disobedience. Gandhi’s poignant, spartan living quarters are preserved in Sabarmati Ashram, and there’s an open-air museum that presents an informative and moving record of his life and teachings.


4. Rani Ki Vav, Patan

Rani ki Vav- as the name says this step well was built by Queen (Rani) of Bhimdeva, Udayamanti. Constructed in the 11th century to preserve groundwater, Rani ki Vav came into limelight in 1972 when the area was fully earthed. The main highlight of the stepwell is that its walls that are profusely ornamented with figurative motifs and showcases images of various god and goddesses and their consorts from the Hindu Pantheon. The central part of each story contains the primary sculpture. Winter is the best season to visit Rani ki Vav as you can enjoy the light shows, cultural events, an exhibition at the Rani ki Vav Festival.


5. Dwarkadhish Temple

One of the four Dhams (divine abodes of India) and Sapata Turris (seven sacred cities), Dwarkadeesh Jagat Mandir doesn’t need any introduction. The word ‘Dwarka; is made of two words- ‘dwara’ meaning road, and ‘ka’ implying eternal significance. Going by the mythological records, Dwarka was the kingdom of Lord Krishna, and he stayed there for quite an extended period. This five-story temple stands on 72 pillars, which according to the science of archeo-astronomy, is some immense significance. The sandstone plinth and walls of the temples are embellished with panels depicting dancers, elephants, musicians, and celestial beings. Along with Jagat Mandir, you can also visit the nearby temples like Bet Dwarka, Okha, and shrines dedicated to Rukmini (Lord Krishna’s Wife), Mirabai, Narsinh Mehta, and Shank Narayan.


So, Let us know your view on this places in the comment section below.

New Whatsapp Status | Video Status Song – 30 Seconds Status Video

By | May 6, 2018

Video Status Song has a large collection of best Status Video Songs to share your WhatsApp story status. Set your WhatsApp Status Video according to your emotion and mood. Video Status Song is available in short size with the best quality.

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New Whatsapp Status | Video Status Song – 30 Seconds Status Video

WhatsApp Video Status download a variety of short Tamil status video, Love video status which is suitable for a set of Video Status Song. we love to post short videos on DP and Status Video.

Video player preview is available just download Videos Song Status you like and set on your WhatsApp story video status


Social has made it very easy to express your mood by sharing short Status Video so for that we have developed WhatsApp status app. all videos are available in short size with the best quality

You can play each Videos Song Status and easily download a status video for WhatsApp. Save and set video song status as a WhatsApp Video Status. 30 Seconds Status Videos that you can download to your phone. A beautiful Videos status song that you can share with your friends or can set it up on your Status story.

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About 30 Seconds Status Video

Lovers keep finding newer ways to express their feelings, it can be a Facebook post, Instagram bio or a WhatsApp DP or status.

But nowadays a new thing called “WhatsApp Video Status” taking over the popularity of others. As we know an image speaks thousand times than text, Same way; a video express million times than image. So, we are jumping into this new craze called 30 seconds Whatsapp Video Status. Along with videos we are also giving your Romantic Love WhatsApp Statuses or Messages too. You can make your own WhatsApp DP or short 30 second videos from them.

Why Gujarat is The Best Place for Business?

By | May 6, 2018

Are you looking for the best place for your business?

Then you came to the right place. Here we are going to tell you the best place to do business and the top 5 reasons for the same.


Best Place to Do Business:

Being a business owner has more than its fair share of ups and downs, but this Gujarat Day India businesses should be feeling pretty content with their place in the world.


Gujarat is the best State to Do Business:

If you are reading the business news then you may know that in 2018 world bank has published a report on the best place to do business. According to the report of the world bank, Gujarat is the best place to set up your business nowadays. There are several reasons for this as well. Here we are telling you the top 5 reasons why Gujarat is the first choice of business persons.

There are a lot of things that could make doing business in Gujarat infinitely easier, and we’ve got some ideas on that. On the whole, though, Gujarat is a pretty bonanza place to do business. Here are seven reasons why.


1. Honest Leader:

If you want to set us your business first thing you need to run your company well is the honest employes. If your employees are honest and they care for your company there are 100% chances you will get succeed in your whatever business. In Gujarat, you will find many leaders who are already at the top in the business field and the common thing about them all is the honesty.

There is an ancient history of Gujarat and have a prominent leader and saint-like Narshi Mehta, JalaramBapa, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Dhirubhai Ambani, Vikram Sarabhai, Pramukh Swami, Narendra Modi. That there was a high correlation between work and success.


2. A lot of people spending money

What if you set up your business ate the place where no one is ready to buy your product? It will be a waste of money and time, isn’t it? According to the Better Life Index, Gujarat ranks second in India in the amount of average disposable income per household. That means there are a lot of people spending money, and that creates great conditions for business.

You have to work on the marketing and all but as compared to another state where you will find more people who are ready to spend money. and that will be good for your business.


3. Politically and Economically Stable

From the time Narendra Modi has became the chief minister of Gujarat, It became more stable in economically and politically. For over a century Gujarat has built public and private institutions that Gujarati can have confidence in.

This is the very important factor business owners are seeing while setting up their business. What if the government is not supportive to your business? Leave the growth, you will not able to run the business even. Gujarat is always encouraging the industries and businesses. Because of this only you will find many production industries in Gujarat only.


4. Geographical Advantage

As Gujarat is closed to Mumbai, which is business capital of India it has a geographical advantage. It very close to some of the fastest-growing economies in the world, which means local businesses have a great opportunity to hitch their wagon to the growth. There was the growing recognition of the potential.

For import-export, Gujarat has a Kandala Port. Kandala is on the biggest commercial import-export hub.


5. Well-Educated Workforce

With the honesty, you need the employes having skills and should be well educated. According to the India Economic Forum’s competitiveness index, Gujarat ranks

Gujaratis are pretty clever cookies, which means we have all sorts of ideas about how to do business better. They have a very specialized knowledge base, and they were able to apply our knowledge to tasks relating to our knowledge rather than being generalists. Third out of 29 State for our level of higher education and training.


So, this is the all about Why Gujarat is The Best Place for Business? Let us know your views on the comment section below.