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Motorcycle Fuel Log – Mileage Tracker

By | July 29, 2018

A simple yet effective tool to track your motorcycle fuel consumption and expenses. Just enter fuel, price, and odometer while you are at the pump. The application will show you distance and average bike fuel consumption.

There is no Sierra way to do it!

Now your fuel data safe in the cloud. In case of any trebles, your data won’t be lost.


Motorcycle Fuel Log – Mileage Tracker

Kanpur (Shashank Shekhar Bhardwaj). Now the Datousole games will not be able to run on petrol and diesel pumps. For this, Ph.D. students of the Mechanical Department of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) have invented a special kind of device (fuel quantifier). It can be installed in a car or bike tank. The nozzle of the petrol-diesel pump machine will be in the tank from the inside of the device. With this help, only the actual diesel-petrol will be detected in the tank. It has cost only Rs 1500 to 2000 rupees. The Institute has patented this research.

adulteration in petrol and diesel. It has been named Fuel Quantifier Advance. The device has been tested in the lab. The process of patenting him is going on.

Get the App From Google Play Store


Key Things about Motorcycle Fuel Log – Mileage Tracker

Almost thousands of people rated this application and it has an average rating of 4.5. If you are trouble with vehicle fuel consumption, just install this app and track your fuel consumption. So you can know when you refuel for your vehicle. And you never miss your data, this application syncs the data on the cloud so it always keeps the data there. And never lose the data in case of phone formats or other issues related to your phone.

Motorcycle Fuel Log is easy to track your vehicle fuel consumption and expenses. For its calculations, you need to enter the price of the fuel and the kilometer reading on your odometer in the motorcycle. Also, you need to enter the amount of petrol you are filling in the vehicle. According to your input data, the application will calculate and show you the distance and average bike fuel consumption.

Why Gujarat is The Best Place for Business?

By | July 29, 2018

Are you looking for the best place for your business?

Then you came to the right place. Here we are going to tell you the best place to do businewss and the top 5 reasons for the same.


Best Place to Do Business:

Being a business owner has more than its fair share of ups and downs, but this Gujarat Day India businesses should be feeling pretty content with their place in the world.


Gujarat is the best State to Do Business:

If you are reading the business news then you may know that in 2018 world bank has published a report on the best place to do business. According to the report of the world bank, Gujarat is the best place to set up your business nowadays. There are several reasons for this as well. Here we are telling you the top 5 reasons why Gujarat is the first choice of business persons.

There are a lot of things that could make doing business in Gujarat infinitely easier, and we’ve got some ideas on that. On the whole, though, Gujarat is a pretty bonanza place to do business. Here are seven reasons why.


1. Honest Leader:

If you want to set us your business first thing you need to run your company well is the honest employes. If your employees are honest and they care for your company there are 100% chances you will get succeed in your whatever business. In Gujarat, you will find many leaders who are already at the top in the business field and the common thing about them all is the honesty.

There is an ancient history of Gujarat and have a prominent leader and saint-like Narshi Mehta, JalaramBapa, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Dhirubhai Ambani, Vikram Sarabhai, Pramukh Swami, Narendra Modi. That there was a high correlation between work and success.


2. A lot of people spending money

What if you set up your business ate the place where no one is ready to buy your product? It will be a waste of money and time, isn’t it? According to the Better Life Index, Gujarat ranks second in India in the amount of average disposable income per household. That means there are a lot of people spending money, and that creates great conditions for business.

You have to work on the marketing and all but as compared to another state where you will find more people who are ready to spend money. and that will be good for your business.


3. Politically and Economically Stable

From the time Narendra Modi has became the chief minister of Gujarat, It became more stable in economically and politically. For over a century Gujarat has built public and private institutions that Gujarati can have confidence in.

This is the very important factor business owners are seeing while setting up their business. What if the government is not supportive to your business? Leave the growth, you will not able to run the business even. Gujarat is always encouraging the industries and businesses. Because of this only you will find many production industries in Gujarat only.


4. Geographical Advantage

As Gujarat is closed to Mumbai, which is business capital of India it has a geographical advantage. It very close to some of the fastest-growing economies in the world, which means local businesses have a great opportunity to hitch their wagon to the growth. There was the growing recognition of the potential.

For import-export, Gujarat has a Kandala Port. Kandala is on the biggest commercial import-export hub.


5. Well-Educated Workforce

With the honesty, you need the employes having skills and should be well educated. According to the India Economic Forum’s competitiveness index, Gujarat ranks

Gujaratis are pretty clever cookies, which means we have all sorts of ideas about how to do business better. They have a very specialized knowledge base, and they were able to apply our knowledge to tasks relating to our knowledge rather than being generalists. Third out of 29 State for our level of higher education and training.


So, this is the all about Why Gujarat is The Best Place for Business? Let us know your views on the comment section below.

How to Back Deleted Contacts App of By Google

By | July 22, 2018
Contacts App of Google: Back up contacts and sync them across all your devices. If you’re looking for a cleaner interface for your contacts, with nifty features like multiple Google accounts integration, this app is for you. The app can only be installed on any Android device running on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above.

Once you download the Contacts app on to your smartphone, it will automatically detect the Gmail account your smartphone is linked with, and pull all the contacts from the cloud.


How to Back Deleted Contacts App of By Google

You can add multiple Google accounts to the Contacts app, and switch between them easily. For example, one can be for work contacts and the other can be for personal use.

It will furthermore also display all the contacts stored on your phone.


The feature of Contacts App

  • Back up your contacts and sync them across all your devices
    • Safely back up the contacts in your Google Account to the cloud
    • Access the contacts in your Google Account from any device
  • Keep your contacts organized and up to date
    • View your contacts by account (e.g. work vs personal)
    • Easily add contacts and edit information like phone numbers, emails, and photos
    • Get suggestions for adding new contacts, cleaning up duplicates and more


Apart from this, Just like any traditional Contact app, it allows you to manage, edit, and add information to existing contacts as well.

As mentioned, it is a neat app for all those who aren’t so crazy about their tweaked Contacts app on Samsung, LG, and other smartphones.

Google Neighbourly App: Ask Local Questions And Get Answers

By | July 22, 2018

Google Neighbourly App will help to find all the answer to your question in a moment. For example you a question like,

  • Have a question about what’s happening nearby?
  • Which is the safest park for kids in this area?
  • Any affordable maths private tuition around here?
  • Know a good electrician to advise for a power back for my new house?
  • Any best ayurvedic chemist nearby?

You will get all your question answer very shortly from using Google Neighbourly App. Local questions like these come up all the time. But they’re hard to answer, especially in big cities. And when you ask your local group chat for help, you find it’s noisy and only reaches the people you know.


Google Neighbourly App

That’s why Google built Neighbourly App, the location-based app that connects you to your community so you can get answers you trust, share your own advice, and stay in-the-know together. Neighbour app has the most up-to-date, relevant, and credible insight into what’s happening nearby. With the Neighbourly app, ask your entire community all at once in a simple Q&A format.

Neighborly is the human, helpful, local way to ask and answer questions about what’s happening in your neighborhood. Together, your answers can help make your community stronger and feel even more neighborly.


The Feature of Neighbourly App

Easy to Find expert local answers

You need to just ask the question, your community of neighbors that will help to answer your question. You can also speak your question into the app, just like you were talking to a neighbor. The app uses Google’s expert speech recognition technology to transcribe your questions in eight Indian languages, so you can ask your neighbor a question in a language you are comfortable with.

Share everyday advice

Find relevant questions where you can advise or assist by sharing answers and advice that help your community. Each answer will help a neighbor find the credible information they care about. The more you advise, the more you’re recognized for your insights. Plus, every time you answer back and assist, you support making your entire neighborhood more informed.

Keep up with your local community

Swipe back and forth and find relevant questions to gain local insight and get credible knowledge. Tap the star to follow the specific question with the information you care about and get relevant updates back as your neighbors share answers and support their community. You can even share your favorite answers with your friends on social media.

Connect with your neighbors safe

Find, ask and answer questions without sharing all of your personal information. Keep personal details like your phone number, full name and other contact information completely private when using the app. Your profile only contains a small profile picture and your first name — the only information your community will see or find when you ask a question or share an answer. And your neighbor can never message you directly.

Download Password in Google Chrome

By | July 15, 2018

Have you ever downloaded your password in Google Chrome? Or have you ever heard something about it? If not, then let’s tell you how to download passwords in Google Chrome today. From which you can easily download the Chrome file. Actually, these are Chrome’s inbuilt features, so you can import all your passwords.

Nowadays, we manage multiple accounts simultaneously, whether it be a piece of secure information, business accounts or social media accounts. But how many accounts and passwords for everyone will remember? Although there are many password manager tools on the internet but not every tool inside the web browser. There are some tools that walk inside it but are not very useful.


Download Password in Google Chrome

Chrome web browser is the best web browser, it also helps download and saves passwords for all accounts. Read the complete article below so that you can download your passwords too.


Steps for downloading passwords in Google Chrome

#1 The process of downloading all of the saved passwords in Google Chrome is very easy. This is a game of few options and your password will be downloaded. This method of downloading all your accounts and password of saved accounts in Google Chrome.

# 2 After opening Google Chrome, first switch to Options. Then – Settings> Manage passwords> Export. Click on the Export option and then the popup panel will have several other options related to it. Just click on the export password. And then the process will start automatically and you will see that all your passwords have been downloaded to a file from which you can view it anytime.

# 3 Clearly, you have to keep in mind that the passwords that you have saved will only be downloaded. You can also add your passwords to Chrome browser by importing the password file. Because of this, all passwords are exported in the same file, you will be able to manage passwords very easily and when they can get the password of any of their accounts.

# 4 Though there may be a security risk due to the password of all your existing accounts in one place, since nobody uses your downloaded file, keep in mind before processing it and using your password through your browser Secure with hackers.

Hopefully, you have learned to download passwords in Google Chrome via this easy article. So if you like this info then share it with your friends too.

MobilePhone Solar Battery Charger Prank

By | July 15, 2018

Solar Battery Charger Prank is the best solution to charge your phone, fast and environmentally friendly. No sooner does your phone has enough light than its battery is charged. In addition, thanks to quick charging technology, solar battery charging speed are faster than 70% compared with normal charging speed.


MobilePhone Solar Battery Charger Prank

Completely free and no ads

All that you want to do is place your phone under sunlight, then start Solar Battery Charger Prank, the application will charge automatically. If sunlight measure larger than 300, your phone will be charged automatically. Solar Battery Charger Prank also integrated with quick charging, supports your devices quick charging approximately 70


  • Solar quick charging
  • Use light sensor with the solar panel to quick charging your phone
  • Show a notification when your phone is fully charged
  • Wonderful charging theme, useful and

All Girls Do Not Tell Anyone These “Secrets”

By | July 8, 2018

Well, in this article we are going to tell you about the All Girls Do Not Tell Anyone These “Secrets”. You might be having a friend or girlfriend but these things they will not tell anyone no matter how close you are with that girl. So without wasting much time, let’s get started and discuss today’s most awaited topic.


All Girls Do Not Tell Anyone These “Secrets”

What are Those Things?

Boys problem

“I do not understand what goes on in your mind, which of my questions you get annoyed and satisfied with which answer, I do not know till today. 5 years have passed our relationship, despite living together for five years, I feel that I did not understand you even 10%. Whatever you have to say openly say, what is in your heart, what is going on in the brain, I can not know without your words. ”


Girls love

You must have thought of reading the lines of the previous slides as someone wrote about your own heart. What do you think, all these things happen only between you and your wife?


Basic Nature

Absolutely not, no girl likes to understand how much she is different from others, but her basic nature is almost the same. They want a lot from their partner but their habit is not meant to talk to them. They think that if their partner loves them they will understand themselves.

Some More Things……

Romance needs

Yes, there are many issues of life where women want to be dependent on their own husband or boyfriend. She herself wants her husband to do her dynamics, but if you are becoming a dynamic neighbor in every case, then your wife will not like it at all.


If you have any suggestions, then just give it to them just like suggestions, if you order them on everything, then things will never be able to happen.

Gentlemen are like

Women should have every aspect of their partner. He wants his companions to appear in a Wellmanard manner with him. For them, the inner courtesy of you is a great feature. This etiquette should be presented not only in front of them but also in front of other people.


Women can work more than one at a time, so they also want their companion to be multi-tasker. These excuses will not work at all in front of them that I can not do two things at a time.

How to Make a TV Remote for Your Mobile, Very Easily

By | July 8, 2018

An investment bank (IB) is a financial intermediary that performs a variety of services. Investment banks specialize in large and complex financial transactions, such as underwriting, acting as an intermediary between a securities issuer and the investing public, facilitating mergers and other corporate reorganizations, and acting as a broker and/or financial advisor for institutional clients.


How to Make a TV Remote for Your Mobile, Very Easily

Major investment banks include Barclays, BofA Merrill Lynch, Rothschild, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Credit Suisse, Citibank, and Lazard. Some investment banks specialize in particular industry sectors. Many investment banks also have retail operations that serve small, individual customers.

Raising Capital & Security Underwriting. Banks are middlemen between a company that wants to issue new securities and the buying public.

Mergers & Acquisitions. Banks advise buyers and sellers on business valuation, negotiation, pricing and structuring of transactions, as well as procedure and implementation.

VOGUE India-Fashion in Vogue

By | July 1, 2018

Show off your great style with Covet Fashion, the game for the shopping obsessed! Join millions of other fashionistas, discover clothing and brands you love and get recognized for your style! Feed your shopping addiction and create outfits in this fashion game designed to hone your style skills.

Express your unique style by shopping for fabulous items to fill your closet, putting together looks for different Style Challenges and voting on other players’ looks. Plus, win exclusive in-game prizes for looks that earn 4 stars or more!


VOGUE India-Fashion in Vogue


We’ve partnered with brands like Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe, and Vince Camuto to bring you the latest fashions to obsess over. With over 175 brands to shop from you’re sure to discover styles you love.


Choose from thousands of glamorous clothing and accessory items in addition to chic hair and makeup styles on our new diverse array of models to create looks for various styling challenges such as photo shoots, cocktails, and red carpet fittings.



Want to get advice on your outfits or celebrate your wins? Join a Fashion House to make friends or connect to Facebook and chat about any and all things Covet Fashion.


Did you know you can shop your favorite Covet Fashion items in real life? All of the clothing and accessory items featured in the game link to places where you can buy them for your real-life closet. Not only can you discover new brands and trends, but you can also own them, too!

Back Up Contacts and Sync Them Across All Your Devices

By | July 1, 2018

Contacts App of Google: Back up contacts and sync them across all your devices

If you’re looking for a cleaner interface for your contacts, with nifty features like multiple Google accounts integration, this app is for you. The app can only be installed on any Android device running on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above.

Back up contacts and sync them across all your devices

For Android devices:

Apart from this, Just like any traditional Contact app, it allows you to manage, edit, and add information to existing contacts as well.

As mentioned, it is a neat app for all those who aren’t so crazy about their tweaked Contacts app on Samsung, LG, and other smartphones.


For iOS devices:

You will still be able to back up your cards/contact data on your iPhone or Android phone.

If you are using an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), and have enabled ‘Sync with iCloud’, you will be able to create a backup of your cards/contacts on your iCloud account which can be accessed through any other iOS device using the same iCloud account.