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On Google Map, See All the Places You Have Ever Visited as a Timeline

By | August 26, 2018

We visit different places every year, month, week, and day. Some of them are our favorite place, while others are a little unfavourite. Your timeline is private, so only you can see it. If you wish to see all the places that you have ever visited then “Timeline” in Google Maps will be the best option to try Google Maps Timeline is simple to use and very interactive. It is compulsory to log in to your google account to access your timeline because it is private. The timeline also helps to switch from one year to another, access a particular month and date so that you can see the places for the day you prefer.

The map is definitely not foolproof but you can correct or change if the mode of transport is showing wrong. If you want, you can even remove a day from the timeline, so you have the full control. You can see a graph that shows a list of all the places you have visited so far each day. Also, you can see which type of transport you have taken to travel from one place to another place.


Steps to see the timeline on Google Maps

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. Sign in with the same Google Account you use on your mobile device.
  3. In the top left corner, click Menu.
  4. Click Your timeline.
  5. To see another date, at the top, choose a day, month, and year.

Tip: To see places that you’ve visited recently, click Menu -> Your places -> Visited.


Edit your timeline

If a place is wrong on your timeline, you can edit the location and when you were there.

  1. On your computer, go to your timeline.
  2. Find the place you want to change on your timeline and click the Down arrow.
  3. Choose the correct place or search for a place in the search box.
  4. To edit when you were there, click the time.


How to Turn on or pause Location History

If you enable Location History then Google records your location data and store in your Google Account even when you’re not using Google Maps. Follow the steps below to turn on or pause your Location History:

  1. On your computer, go to your timeline.
  2. Click Manage Location History or Pause Location History.
  3. Now turn Pause Location History.

Timeline in Google Maps is a handy service and a great way to relive memories. It’s a simple option out there to have a look at all the places you have been without many efforts. The data captured might not be correct, duplicate or false data may create problem sometimes, which needs some serious work. Still, overall the features are pretty good. The best part is, if you wish, you can delete unpleasant memories.

What is Cryptocurrency | Know All About Bitcoins

By | August 26, 2018

Say there’s a coin that’s currently worth hundreds of US dollars. but it’s not made of gold or platinum or any precious metal, in fact, it’s not the kind of coin you can hold in your hand or stick in a piggy bank. it’s a digital currency which means it only exists electronically. I’m talking about Bitcoin.


What is Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin doesn’t work like most money. it isn’t attached to a state or government so it doesn’t have a central issuing authority or regulatory body. basically, that means there’s no organization deciding when to make more bitcoins, figuring out how many to produce keeping track of, where they are or investigating fraud. so how does Bitcoin work as a currency or have any value at all? well, Bitcoin wouldn’t exist without a whole network of people. and a little thing called cryptography, in fact, it’s sometimes described as the world’s first cryptocurrency.


Know All About Bitcoins

Here’s how it works bitcoin is a fully digital currency and you can exchange bitcoins between computers in a worldwide peer-to-peer network.  the whole point of most peer-to-peer networks is sharing stuff. like letting people make copies of super legal music or movies to download. if bitcoin is a digital currency what’s stopping you from making a bunch of counterfeit copies. and becoming fabulously wealthy well unlike an mp3 or a video file a Bitcoin isn’t a string of data that can be duplicated. a Bitcoin is actually an entry on a huge global ledger called the blockchain for reasons.

we’ll get to in a minute the blockchain records. every Bitcoin transaction that has ever happened and as of late 2016 the complete ledger is about 107 gigabytes of data. so when you send someone bitcoins it’s not like you’re sending them, a bunch of files instead you’re basically writing the exchange down. on that big ledger, something like Michael sends Hank five bitcoins. now maybe you’re thinking but wait you said that Bitcoin doesn’t have a central authority to keep track of everything. even though the blockchain is a central record there’s no official group of people who update the ledger and keep track of everybody’s money. like a bank does it’s decentralized in fact anybody can volunteer to keep the blockchain up to date with all the new transactions. and a ton of people does it all works because there are lots of people keeping track of the same thing to make sure all transactions are accurate. like, imagine you’re playing a game of poker with some pals. but none of you have poker chips and you left your cash at home. there’s no money on the table so a few of you get out some notebooks and start writing down who bets how much? who wins? and who loses you don’t completely trust anyone else. so everyone keeps their Ledger’s separately at the end of every hand you all compare what you’ve written down. that way if someone makes a mistake or tries to cheat and snag some extra money for themselves that discrepancy is caught after a couple of hands you might
fill up a page of your notebook with notes about the money movement. you can think of each page as a block of transactions eventually your notebook will have pages and pages of information a chain of those blocks hence blockchain now.


if thousands of people are separately maintaining the Bitcoin blockchain. how are all the Ledger’s kept in sync to stick with our poker? analogy think of the entire Bitcoin peer-to-peer network as a really huge poker table with millions of people. some are just exchanging money but lots of volunteers are keeping Ledgers. so when you want to send or receive the money you have to announce it to everyone. at the table, so the people keeping track can update their Ledger’s so for every transaction you’re announcing a couple of things to the Bitcoin network. your account number the account number of the person you’re sending bitcoins to and how many bitcoins you want to send. and all of the users who are keeping copies of the blockchain will add your transaction. to the current block having a bunch of people keep track of transactions seems like a pretty good security measure. but if all it takes to send bitcoins is a couple of account numbers that seems like it might be a security problem. it’s a huge problem with regular money just think of all the ways criminals try to steal other people’s credit card information and with Bitcoin. there’s no central bank to notice anything weird going on to shut down fraud like if it looked like suddenly you spent your entire life savings on beef jerky. so what’s stopping Hank from pretending he’s me and just sending himself all of my bitcoins are kept pretty safe thanks to cryptography which is why it’s considered a cryptocurrency.

How to Find Virus in Your Mobile-Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus

By | August 19, 2018

Clean Master, the best optimization tool with space cleaner and antivirus, it helps keep your phone clean and safe from viruses. Clean Master also added the Private Photo feature, which helps you easily hide and encrypt your photos and secure your privacy.


Clean Master Key Functions:


Clean Master helps free up your storage space by removing junk, residual and cache files which slows down your phone.

With our professional cleaner, you can also free up much more space from cleaning cache data from social apps such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram without worrying about deleting the wrong files.


Scans for the virus on all apps (pre-installed or not), blocks and removes virus to keep your phone safe from viruses, trojans and protects your privacy with Clean Master’s free antivirus engine which is ranked #1 by AV-TEST!

Private Photo – Your Photo Vault

Private Photo keeps your photos safe by encrypting them. With Private Photo, you can hide photos that you do not want others to see and protect your privacy.


Clean Master added the WiFi Security feature to detect fake WiFi and unauthorized connections. Keep your phone safe from insecure public WiFi.


One Tap Boost helps speed up the phone by freeing up RAM. After boosting your mobile, you can run a speed test to see how much faster it is.


Clean Master helps to save battery power and extend battery life by hibernating running apps.

Game Master

With Game Master, you can manage your games, accelerate loading speed of games and find more fun games here.


Other optimization features

  • CHARGE MASTER- Prevents overcharging, displays charging status and application message while charging.
  • APPLOCK- Keeps your app privacy safe with an AppLock PIN or pattern.
  • I swipe- Quick access to other apps and tools.
  • APP MANAGER – Back up and uninstall apps.


Clean Master, the world’s leading space cleaner & antivirus app on Google Play.

We added some powerful features to make Clean Master smarter and convenient. These features will require additional phone permissions.

Rest assured none of your personal info will be collected per the Privacy Policy.

  • New junk clean engine, added clean junk messages and more (require SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Calendar, and Location permissions)
  • The new way to interact with your phone on lock screen (require Microphone permission)
  • More personalized settings to beautify your phone

New features are only accessible to some users now, welcome to contact us to try it in advance.

All About Protein Shake | Heath Tips

By | August 19, 2018

How many of Y’all know what this is don’t know what protein shake is? Protein shake it’s probably like my 50th or 60th box I’ve been training like five years now. how many of you guys have looked at one of these boxes and said something like I’m never putting those artificial powders inside my body? how many of you guys? yeah, I’m sure there’s a bunch. you know these are made these are made by evaporating milk till you’re left with milk solids and one of those milk solids is whey protein that’s all it is.


All About Protein Shake

So there was 1 lakh 84 thousand deaths related to consuming sugary drinks. and there were 0 deaths related to consuming these. but people are still afraid of these. for me personally these boxes and my dumbbells at the white home in the gym they’ve become a symbol of all the preconceived notions. that our society has when it comes to fitness and health. these boxes are in Hama organs weight training is going to harm your joints and ladies for
some reason. all, if you all believe that strength training is going to make you bulky like that in true science, says that strength training in the long term. for women especially it kind of make you look like a Bollywood actress think Priyanka Chopra Deepika Padukone something like that. so I surveyed 3 gyms in my own area and what I found is that only 20% of the total members were women. so for every single Indian girl who’s going to a gym there are 4 Indian guys and keep in mind there’s a fitness revolution happening in India guys.


Are we on the same page? you guys agree with me every our new gym 0 the guys are on board. but for some reason, the women are getting left behind mothers especially. so my mom when I took up training she was super afraid of this whole process. this radical change in my lifestyle in my diet be trying putting poison into your body. your organs are going to die things like that. I heard all that for a year so I continued my process for a year. I got a six pack along the way and at the end of one you. I knew I was healthy but being the rebellious kid that I am I to prove her wrong. so I went to my local medical center and I got a blood test done. I got a full-body checkup done and the numbers came back so the numbers were basically saying that this guy is one healthy dude. my cholesterol was low, my burek acid levels were normal, everything was just perfect and my mum went hang on if he’s looking like this and his reports say that he’s healthy maybe there’s something to it.


so all that hate that she had for my lifestyle kind of side to fade away a little bit. so she stepped into a gym that’s my mom and he took up weight training. she started going on a high-protein diet initially, of course, it was difficult. it’s difficult for your body to get used to a new form of exercise and a new diet. but very soon she saw all the benefits a fat percent dropped her strength levels shot up and the best part was that she didn’t become a bulky bodybuilder. I still had the biggest biceps in the house so um my point here is that my mom was lucky enough to have a Fitness blogger at home. telling her mama yo you should not see those ice creams and one more go to the gym. but the bitter truth is that a society in our society every single Indian house needs a voice like that. and that’s become one of my life’s emissions. through my blog, I’m trying to create that voice in every single Indian house and I have a solution. so a great man once said that if you educate a man you enhance the life of an individual but if you educate a woman you enhance the life of an individual and you enhance the life of an entire society.


So with this, we are posting articles on health and fitness as well let us know if you find it helpful.

Now The Phone will Tell You by Yourself, Who will Call You

By | August 12, 2018

•·Now the phone will tell you by yourself, who is calling you, adopt these tricks. If your phone has caller name anron pro app ‘installed then you will not have to see who’s the phone is coming. Not only this you will not even have to look at your phone’s screen. Yes, now the phone will speak by itself and tell whose call is coming. Even after the message arrives, this name will tell you whose message has come. These apps can be of great use to you while driving or doing some other important work. That’s because in it you will not need to look at the phone repeatedly, whose call is coming.


Now The Phone will Tell You by Yourself, Who Will Call You

What are the features of the caller name announcer Pro Ape:

The biggest feature of this app is that the phone works even when it vibrates and silent and announces the caller’s name. Let’s say with the help of this app your phone will announce your name in English only.

After downloading this app on the Google Play Store, its interface will be open. In this, the options for calls, audio and SMS will appear in which you first tap on the call. After this, when you go to Call Settings, enable both options above and then you can select the number by going to the No Times Two Announce. The number of numbers you select in this app will be as often as the name of the caller will announce. Go to Audio Settings and enable all options. However, all options are available only here.


What Else You Need to Know about the App?

If I called my past self when he was four, and asked him if his mother was home, then asked my mom for her brownie recipe, then he probably wouldn’t remember it.


Three, are you calling this universe or a parallel universe?

One theory of time travel says that to prevent time paradoxes you would not be able to call your own past self, instead, you would call you who lived in a different universe.

Either way, if you do happen to find out how to build a time phone or any way of visiting or calling the past, please give me a heads up on how it is done. I just need to call my past self from 6 hours ago to warn him about the stupidest things he is about to do.

Man’s Dressing – Party Looks | Style Tips

By | August 12, 2018

in today’s article, we’re talking about dressing party wear for Indian men and we’re not just gonna cover one kind of party. we’re gonna talk about four different looks for four different kinds of parties. covering the absolute formal party may be a corporate event your school or college fair well any event where there’s gonna be CEOs or VIPs next. we’re gonna be covering the formulas casual party may be someone’s anniversary or birthday or night out to a fancy bar or a lounge. we’re gonna be covering the clubbing look chill clothing that you wear to a dance club or a house party and finally, we’re talking about the daytime party look all about those light colors all about that Sunday brunch scene.


Man’s Dressing – Party Look | Style Tips

So I’ll be talking about every single aspect of all those looks. but first, you’ve gotta understand three constants in every single look constantly number. one you gotta wear some kind of wrist accessory ideally it should be a watch if you want my watch recommendations. number two we’re talking about the perfect hair product when it comes to pretty grooming we’re talking hair wax apply it onto your hair in order to get that slightly wet slightly more groomed.

Finish perfect for all kinds of parties and the third constant is a good-quality perfume or cologne. smell perfect in order to appear more attractive now let’s start with the party looks.


Formal Party Look:

so look number one that we’re talking about is the absolute formal party. maybe your office party a corporate event or an event where they’re CEOs VIPs coming in. a rule number one for this kind of party is that the minimum you’ve got to do is at least wear a good shirt that you’re gonna tuck into your pants. for an event like this you wanna wear the same trousers you wear to your office ideally your darker color and if you don’t go for trousers you can go for a dark colored tree. no, maybe black chinos or grey chinos and that’s for the shirt you can wear ideally.

Give preference to darker colors black navy blue dark grey. like, in this case, your next preference is maybe off why so it’s not extremely like paying for extremely light blue. those are kind of more formulas and then your next option is a good quality white shirt. in all three cases your pants complete the look. but if you’re going for a slightly darker showed you can even go for like a small pattern.

To your outfit and take your party looks one step further in that casual direction. but still, keep it formal after your shoes and belts. in this case obviously, you’ve got to match the colors. it’s a formal occasion you can go for formal shoes. you can go for semi-formal shoes like groves or monk straps and finally, you can also go for a great pair of loafers. that’ll pay extremely well with your outfit. now very important if you want to go one step further and impress everyone on that formal occasion you can wear a suit. like in this case if it’s a formal event ideally match your trousers to the color of your jacket if it’s a slightly less formal event.


Semi-Formal Party Look:

The kind of event I am speaking about play around with the color of your pants.  just make sure pairs well with the color of your jacket and also when you’re going buy a suit ideally get it from a tailor. get your own tailored suit that will fit you perfectly all right. so that covers it all when we’re talking about the formal look but what about parties where it’s a little more chill. maybe you’re going out for someone’s birthday and anniversary, maybe your fancy Club or fancy bar let me hand it over to slightly more children.

we’ve all right so while we’re talking about the formulas casual look you’ve got keep in mind two key factors. play around with colors and play around with batteries like in this case. check out this pattern showed if you pair it with the correct pants it looks absolutely fantastic. because this is extremely fashionable currently so while it’s in vogue. while it’s still factorable make complete use of it and you can see.


So let us know if you like our fashion tips and share your experience in the comment section below.

Twoo App – Meet Millions of New People from All Over the World

By | August 5, 2018

Meet millions of new people from all over the world, wherever you are. Have a good chat, make new friends or even find the love of your life. Because life is all about the people you meet.


Twoo App – Meet Millions of New People from All Over the World

Chat and make new friends: You can easily make the new friend from this app.  Also, possible live chat. In this App more than 13 million monthly active users. Twoo is available in more than 200 countries and in 38 languages. Twoo is the largest site to meet new people.

Easily Explore New Content every day: You can share new content every day with your friend.

Some Key Features

Find New People In Your Area:

Whether you fancy chatting, searching, sharing photos or meeting people easily, Twoo is full of exciting people. Every day, over a million new connections are made between real people on Twoo.

Get Chatting With People You Like:

You can find people that you like. You can search according to your area or area of interest and many more.

Provide Real-time:

Check out our mobile site or install our browser and desktop plugins to stay up to date with all activity on your profile. Never miss a beat with the Twoo iPhone, Android and Windows Phone apps.


User Statistics

Meet millions of new people from all over the world, wherever you are. Have a good chat, make new friends or even find the love of your life. Because life is all about the people you meet.

Twoo is free to download and use, but you can enjoy extra features thanks to Twoo Premium or boost your popularity with Twoo Credits.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Gujarat

By | August 5, 2018

Are you looking for the best places to visit in Gujarat?

Want to know about the awesome and famous culture of Gujarat?

After the  Amitabh Bachchan became the brand ambassador of Gujarat Tourism, It became more famous. Here we are going to tell you about every famous place in Gujarat that you must visit. So without wasting much time, let’s get started.


Top 5 Places to Visit in Gujarat

Well, Gujarat is my favorite place and there are several reasons for this. First one is obvious that it is my native place and writing about my native place is wonderful. So here I have some awesome places that I have personally visited and found it must visit places.


1. The White Desert – Great Rann of Kutch

A must visit on a trip to Gujarat, Great Rann of Kutch is reputed to be the world’s largest white salt desert. Spanning over an area of 7505 sq km in the western fringes of Gujarat, the desert looks like a diamond under the scorching sun and appears like an eerie under the bluish glow during the night hours. To witness the best of the white desert, one should visit there during the Rann Utsav, which happens between November and March. On a visit to the white desert, make a point to enjoy the camel safari. Many villages nearby Kutch like Hodko, Nirona, Mandvi, and Bhujodi, has hotels and resorts where you can book a stay when on a trip to Kutch. Apart from the white desert, you can al visit Narayan Sarovar, Koteshwar temple and Bachuchara temple.


2. Gir National Park, Junagadh

One of the largest domains of the ferocious Asiatic animals, Gir National Park is a sparkling diamond in the jewels of Gujarat. Along with lions, this dry deciduous forest is home to more than 300 avian species like great horned own, crested serpent eagle and other members of the cat family like leopards. Going by the records of the forest department, there are 29 species of reptiles, 33 species of mammals, 93 species of invertebrates, 96 trees, and 448 flowering plants. Also, the national park is notable for its silk cotton trees; whose bright orange flowers add dashes of color to this dusty brown landscape. Best time to go for jeep safari at Gir National Park is between March and May.


3. Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad

Originally called Satyagraha Ashram, Sabarmati is Mahatma Gandhi’s second ashram (first being the Kochrab Ashram) where he planned a significant number of freedom movements between 1917 to 1930. One can find a special mention of Sabarmati Ashram in the archives of India as here Mahatma Gandhi trained activist to join his movements like Swadeshi movements, non-violent and civil disobedience. Gandhi’s poignant, spartan living quarters are preserved in Sabarmati Ashram, and there’s an open-air museum that presents an informative and moving record of his life and teachings.


4. Rani Ki Vav, Patan

Rani ki Vav- as the name says this step well was built by Queen (Rani) of Bhimdeva, Udayamanti. Constructed in the 11th century to preserve groundwater, Rani ki Vav came into limelight in 1972 when the area was fully earthed. The main highlight of the stepwell is that its walls that are profusely ornamented with figurative motifs and showcases images of various god and goddesses and their consorts from the Hindu Pantheon. The central part of each story contains the primary sculpture. Winter is the best season to visit Rani ki Vav as you can enjoy the light shows, cultural events, an exhibition at the Rani ki Vav Festival.


5. Dwarkadhish Temple

One of the four Dhams (divine abodes of India) and Sapata Turris (seven sacred cities), Dwarkadeesh Jagat Mandir doesn’t need any introduction. The word ‘Dwarka; is made of two words- ‘dwara’ meaning road, and ‘ka’ implying eternal significance. Going by the mythological records, Dwarka was the kingdom of Lord Krishna, and he stayed there for quite an extended period. This five-story temple stands on 72 pillars, which according to the science of archeo-astronomy, is some immense significance. The sandstone plinth and walls of the temples are embellished with panels depicting dancers, elephants, musicians, and celestial beings. Along with Jagat Mandir, you can also visit the nearby temples like Bet Dwarka, Okha, and shrines dedicated to Rukmini (Lord Krishna’s Wife), Mirabai, Narsinh Mehta, and Shank Narayan.


So, Let us know your view on this places in the comment section below.