Google Neighborly App: Ask Local Questions And Get Answers

By | December 23, 2018

Google Neighbourly App will help to find all the answer to your question in a moment. For example you a question like,


  • Have a question about what’s happening nearby?
  • Which is the safest park for kids in this area?
  • Any affordable maths private tuition around here?
  • Know a good electrician to advise for a power back for my new house?
  • Any best ayurvedic chemist nearby?


You will get all your question answer very shortly from using Google Neighbourly App. Local questions like these come up all the time. But they’re hard to answer, especially in big cities. And when you ask your local group chat for help, you find it’s noisy and only reaches the people you know.


Google Neighbourly app

With Google Neighbourly you can have the most incredible insights about your neighborhood within no time. You can get rest and find answers for all local questions that pop on your mind all day. So, this app can be your personal local expert and can guide you with all our doubts.


Download App: Click Here

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