No Need to Touch Your Phone and You Get All The Work

By | December 28, 2018

How would you feel that an app started working as an assistant on the phone, meaning that you also provide search and other information when you speak. Yes, we are talking about an app that provides information according to your needs by listening to your voice. This app is named GOOGLE ASSISTANT.


No Need to Touch Your Phone

Now you provide commands through your voice in Google Assistant and you are given information by speaking. You can get any information anywhere and anywhere. You have a special need to keep GOOGLE ASSISTANT on your phone. It navigates you with your voice. Through this app you can set a reminder, this means you will not have difficulty in forgetting anything in future, it is completely free of charge. The phone is placed anywhere in your room. This application works.

You can also do entertainment through this app, for that you need to give the voice command. You do not have to lift your own phone to place a call, but only recognize your voice and call it. Your text message can also send. For which you do not even need to type. You can put a reminder here. You do not even need to touch the clip button to take selfies. You just have to speak with your mouth Tech A Selfie and your phone clicks a selfie.


Google Assistant

If you want to build a home controlled by Google Assistant, the best place to start is by choosing a controlling device with the voice assistant built in.

Whether that’s a smart speaker with far-field microphones, from Google or its partners; or a new smart display or an Android TV with a mic in the remote. This will be the piece of tech you actually command Assistant through.

In case there’s any confusion, that’s different from home gadgets and appliances that are compatible with Google Assistant – these only become voice controlled when you have a controller device to connect and talk to.

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