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By | August 19, 2018

How many of Y’all know what this is don’t know what protein shake is? Protein shake it’s probably like my 50th or 60th box I’ve been training like five years now. how many of you guys have looked at one of these boxes and said something like I’m never putting those artificial powders inside my body? how many of you guys? yeah, I’m sure there’s a bunch. you know these are made these are made by evaporating milk till you’re left with milk solids and one of those milk solids is whey protein that’s all it is.


All About Protein Shake

So there was 1 lakh 84 thousand deaths related to consuming sugary drinks. and there were 0 deaths related to consuming these. but people are still afraid of these. for me personally these boxes and my dumbbells at the white home in the gym they’ve become a symbol of all the preconceived notions. that our society has when it comes to fitness and health. these boxes are in Hama organs weight training is going to harm your joints and ladies for
some reason. all, if you all believe that strength training is going to make you bulky like that in true science, says that strength training in the long term. for women especially it kind of make you look like a Bollywood actress think Priyanka Chopra Deepika Padukone something like that. so I surveyed 3 gyms in my own area and what I found is that only 20% of the total members were women. so for every single Indian girl who’s going to a gym there are 4 Indian guys and keep in mind there’s a fitness revolution happening in India guys.


Are we on the same page? you guys agree with me every our new gym 0 the guys are on board. but for some reason, the women are getting left behind mothers especially. so my mom when I took up training she was super afraid of this whole process. this radical change in my lifestyle in my diet be trying putting poison into your body. your organs are going to die things like that. I heard all that for a year so I continued my process for a year. I got a six pack along the way and at the end of one you. I knew I was healthy but being the rebellious kid that I am I to prove her wrong. so I went to my local medical center and I got a blood test done. I got a full-body checkup done and the numbers came back so the numbers were basically saying that this guy is one healthy dude. my cholesterol was low, my burek acid levels were normal, everything was just perfect and my mum went hang on if he’s looking like this and his reports say that he’s healthy maybe there’s something to it.


so all that hate that she had for my lifestyle kind of side to fade away a little bit. so she stepped into a gym that’s my mom and he took up weight training. she started going on a high-protein diet initially, of course, it was difficult. it’s difficult for your body to get used to a new form of exercise and a new diet. but very soon she saw all the benefits a fat percent dropped her strength levels shot up and the best part was that she didn’t become a bulky bodybuilder. I still had the biggest biceps in the house so um my point here is that my mom was lucky enough to have a Fitness blogger at home. telling her mama yo you should not see those ice creams and one more go to the gym. but the bitter truth is that a society in our society every single Indian house needs a voice like that. and that’s become one of my life’s emissions. through my blog, I’m trying to create that voice in every single Indian house and I have a solution. so a great man once said that if you educate a man you enhance the life of an individual but if you educate a woman you enhance the life of an individual and you enhance the life of an entire society.


So with this, we are posting articles on health and fitness as well let us know if you find it helpful.

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