Do The Accountant Job From Home & Earn Money

By | August 17, 2018

Earn money by sitting at home and writing account-names | Accounting and bookkeeping is very easy to write. It can be done from anywhere. This business is a good option for women who are responsible for managing their family responsibilities. If you start this business seriously, you can earn up to Rs 15,000 to Rs 100,000 lakhs a month.

If you know the job of the account, do so by sitting at home earn money


Do The Accountant Job From Home & Earn Money

Accounting Culture in India

Initially, the accountant in India was known as Munimji, who traditionally used to look after the account book called ‘Baikhakhata’. But gradually the industries grew, so the accounting sector grew with it. When the market entered the technology, accounting software used to be useful in accounting.

What to do in accounting and bookkeeping?

In accounting and bookkeeping activities, there is a need to keep a detailed note of financial transactions related to everyday business and business. Accounting usually includes data entry of entries, purchases, sales, cash/bank payments and receipts and all other business related expenses.

How can I make a living at home?

Compared to India, accounting and bookkeeping culture in countries like UK, Australia, and the USA are different because outsourcing is more in India than in India. However, there is still no trend of outsourcing for accounting in India. Accounting is the back office work and it is very easy to get home. However, this work is not possible for all businesses from home, but for some businesses, it can easily be done from home. Those companies who want to work in the account, send them documents or e-mails by courier to all their daily transactions – documents and you have to set them up in the credit-format format.


What are the industries that can be used for accounting?

  • Small IT Companies
  • Restaurants
  • A hotel that does not have more than 20 rooms
  • Beauty parlor and beauty salon
  • Tour and Travel Agents
  • Doctors and Fitness Clubs
  • Consultants and Professionals
  • Boots
  • The city’s famous CA firm
  • Any small business that has a turn over of Rs 1.00 crore

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