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By | November 4, 2018

What’s common between Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Vikram Sarabhai, Jamshedji Tata, Dhiru by Ambani, Azim Premji and Jagdish Bhagwati?

They all hail from one of the most prosperous states of India. A state that always has and will continue to produce achievers. Gujarat is the state, who have influenced the world economy with their values and beliefs and in the process become legends.


Gujarat – The land of the legend

Gujarat, India’s most industrialized state is a land where a simple move towards self. reliance several decades ago started off a mass movement for entails freedom a movement. which you can feel everywhere even today in the honest hands that toil in the scientific farming techniques and in these green fields that redefine prosperity. you can see this energy everywhere in the wind farms and gas crypt in the new discoveries that are shrinking energy sufficiency and in the parklands that empower life.

You can notice the Bashaw for perfection everywhere in the temples of learning in the world-class research institutions. In these eyes that are focused on productivity, you can experience transparency everywhere in the digitized records. in the proactive administration and in the statewide D governance network that offers seamless connectivity. you can sense excellence everywhere on the roads on these boards and in the robust infrastructure networked. For success, you can rediscover the real meaning of life everywhere on these beaches in these heritage monuments and in these stylish moves that spread happiness all along gujju where life is a celebration.

Gujarat has consistently exceeded the growth rate targets set by the Planning Commission of India. the reason why this growth engine of India continues to attract multinational conglomerates who have made Gujarat their home. Gujarat is home to the world’s largest grassroots refinery and is fast emerging as the global hub for steel pipe manufacturing. Gujarat is home to over 40% of the Delhi – Mumbai industrial corridor what’s more of the 20 million non-resident Indians. More than 50% are Gujaratis for whom Gujarat is still their first love and first home. these enterprising Gujarati people living outside Gujarat to continue to shape the world economy.


Gujaraties Outside India

The London directory has Patel as one of its 25 most common surnames. The motel industry of USA is entirely dominated by the Gujaratis of the five Indians who form the majority of Antwerp diamond. High Council board four are from Poland poor Gujarat and all these people of Gujarat when they speak about Gujarat they do it with passion at Reliance. we started from here we learned some of our best lessons here in creating every single manufacturing facility from nirodha to the world’s largest grassroots refinery in Java.

They make terrific sense because this Raj in 2007 is amongst the most exciting growth stories unfolding anywhere in India perhaps even in the world.  Gujarat India what India is and will be through the rest of the world. they talk straight from their hearts. in course of time, I think the Chief Minister will find that he will not have to attract people to Gujarat. the question will be your stupid if you’re not here so with that I would say this state is one of the most progressive states in the country. it’s the fastest growing it has a government that it works and I believe that as  India takes its place in the world is Mukesh said that Gujarat will be one of its shinies life.

There has to be something about this place that makes people talk about it. with such custom, there is something about the skies here and about the unlimited sunshine. there is something about the water here and about the green landscapes. there is something about the soil here and about the environment of economic freedom. there is something about this place that’s now attracting global investments. so if India is on your minds Gudrun with its global gateways and excellent connectivity to the vast Indian inter lands is the place you’ve got to begin.

after all, there is something about this place that molds people into legends good Ron the land of the legend.


So, These are some interesting facts that make Gujarat so popular. Let us know what your view on Gujarat and people of Gujarat in the comment below.

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