In 1 Year You Can Get Returns Up to 75%

By | August 18, 2018


The benchmark indices of the stock market created all-time high-altitude levels in the past few trading days. As the stock market reached new heights, the risk of profit booking and selling has increased. So many investors are now avoiding big investments in the market. Experts believe that higher valuations can be sold in stocks. However, they believe that the market can show boom ahead too. In these circumstances, the market still has good strategies to invest in good stocks with a small amount. Based on the recommendations of Brokerage Houses here, we are showing 5 shares whose value is less than 100 rupees. Furthermore, these stocks can give up to 75% in the coming days.

In 1 year you can get returns up to 75%, make these 5 stocks worth less than Rs 100 invested


In 1 Year You Can Get Returns Up to 75%

Better portfolio with less risk

Experts believe that investors should not put their money in one stock and in many stocks. This means that the investor would invest in good stocks from a small unit cost. Investors can invest in very small amounts in all stocks of less than 100 rupees, and many stocks can be a good portfolio. This will not only reduce the risk but also help in the growth of stocks.


Which stocks do not invest

South Indian Bank

South Indian Bank is the private sector’s mid-sized bank. It has 855 branches across the country. There are 1386 ATMs. Mainly the bank’s business in South India. In the South, there are strong customers of the bank. Bank loan book is getting stronger. Bank deposits are good. Both retail and SMEs are in growth. Management asset is poorly focused on quality. Brokerage House Cholamandalam Securities has given a target of Rs 26 for the stock. Currently, the current price is Rs 18 and it can get a 45% return in the stock.

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