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By | August 12, 2018

Hey, everyone, we are back again with another tech post and in this post, we are talking about is MacBook Air good for programming? so it’s a new season it’s a new year. a lot of you are taking admission in new universities colleges and you might be looking up for a new laptop. and obviously, when you see the first time this MacBook Air you see that hey it’s a Mac product. it’s an affordable range. but is it going to be good for my programming needs or not?

so this is going to be my one spot reference where I will be referencing to all those people asking the same question on MacBook Air. you can just read this article. so let’s get started and talk about MacBook Air for programming first.


Is MacBook Air Good for Programming?

We need to clear up some of the ground basics. now again everything is just a perspective there’s no such thing as good or bad. like for example if I talk about my phone which is one plus it might be a really amazing four phone for me. but it might be really a terrible phone for you. it depends on use case what you really want to do with your phone. a person who is an amazing photographer will choose a one plus or maybe a pixel instead of some other low-end phone. which is having a very terrible camera. so again not making a judgment over cameras or mobile. I’m just saying that hey it depends on perspective what you really want to do.

Again this is not about fighting over Mac or Windows or Linux. which one is better which one is not. these are just my thoughts on MacBook Air. with that, all cleared up let’s get started. I’ll touch upon a couple of subjects what you really want to do. because programming is a very large paradigm it can be web mobile machine, learning AI can be a ton of things, what you really want to do. so for which domain this machine can be really good and for which domain this machine can be terribly bad I’ll talk about that.


Now I’ve been using Mac for a really long time. the time when Mac Book used to come with even the CD drive. my one the old one is having even the CD drive can you imagine to the latest one which came up the last year. and it is it is really people call it as dongle life this is the one with the touch bar. so yes I do have some of the experience with the MacBook.

You should be clear about MacBook Air. is it is the first entry line of the MacBook the reason why it’s so much affordable. because it’s so much not on the high end of the specs the screen is just okay. it’s not gonna be the best MacBook display which it is known for it’s just okay. its display and also the specs are not very high-end. remember it’s just an entry point so what for what programming it’s going to be decent. now if you are into the very early stage of programming, you have just entered into college, you’ll be writing some code on C C++, maybe Python and will be doing some of the web work like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, then it’s an amazing machine. you cannot just beat with that it’s so much affordable yet. so much high performance and you will have no problem at all. MacBook air as the name says here it’s designed for the lightweight work you’ll be really happy with the presentation making what the presentation. you make PowerPoint presentation Word document simple editor based stuff. like sublime text Adam maybe the S code you are designing. some of the web templates for the entire web development. I have seen that this machine face no problem at all whether that web development is on PHP maybe on WordPress Django nodejs or anything else at all.

For the front-end part, it is really an amazing machine. you’ll face no lags, full support browsers are amazing everything is so much amazing for the web development. so in case, your goal is to become a web developer. and you just want to have a machine which doesn’t let you down MacBook Air is really a nice choice.


Now coming up on to the point which is really the next one for which you are maybe buying this machine which is mobile development. now for the mobile development, there is an if clause here now if you are looking just to get started with the iPhone development, then it’s a decent machine. I won’t be calling it a really high performance. it really lags at a variety of points even as it gets older. you will see that the Xcode has started lag up and your simulator of the iPhone is gonna take a little bit longer in just booting up. so it’s not the perfect machine but yeah it’s a decent one you can do iPhone development on it. and you will face no problem at all. but again if you are doing high-end development making just toy apps like a few fun apps to get ready or get started it’s a good machine. but not at all really amazing if you have five or three five or ten storyboards and you want to go really Deb opening up the machine for a really long time.


So we hope you are clear with the doubt that Is MacBook Air for Programming or Not. Let us know in the comment if you still have any confusion.

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