Man’s Dressing – Party Looks | Style Tips

By | August 12, 2018

in today’s article, we’re talking about dressing party wear for Indian men and we’re not just gonna cover one kind of party. we’re gonna talk about four different looks for four different kinds of parties. covering the absolute formal party may be a corporate event your school or college fair well any event where there’s gonna be CEOs or VIPs next. we’re gonna be covering the formulas casual party may be someone’s anniversary or birthday or night out to a fancy bar or a lounge. we’re gonna be covering the clubbing look chill clothing that you wear to a dance club or a house party and finally, we’re talking about the daytime party look all about those light colors all about that Sunday brunch scene.


Man’s Dressing – Party Look | Style Tips

So I’ll be talking about every single aspect of all those looks. but first, you’ve gotta understand three constants in every single look constantly number. one you gotta wear some kind of wrist accessory ideally it should be a watch if you want my watch recommendations. number two we’re talking about the perfect hair product when it comes to pretty grooming we’re talking hair wax apply it onto your hair in order to get that slightly wet slightly more groomed.

Finish perfect for all kinds of parties and the third constant is a good-quality perfume or cologne. smell perfect in order to appear more attractive now let’s start with the party looks.


Formal Party Look:

so look number one that we’re talking about is the absolute formal party. maybe your office party a corporate event or an event where they’re CEOs VIPs coming in. a rule number one for this kind of party is that the minimum you’ve got to do is at least wear a good shirt that you’re gonna tuck into your pants. for an event like this you wanna wear the same trousers you wear to your office ideally your darker color and if you don’t go for trousers you can go for a dark colored tree. no, maybe black chinos or grey chinos and that’s for the shirt you can wear ideally.

Give preference to darker colors black navy blue dark grey. like, in this case, your next preference is maybe off why so it’s not extremely like paying for extremely light blue. those are kind of more formulas and then your next option is a good quality white shirt. in all three cases your pants complete the look. but if you’re going for a slightly darker showed you can even go for like a small pattern.

To your outfit and take your party looks one step further in that casual direction. but still, keep it formal after your shoes and belts. in this case obviously, you’ve got to match the colors. it’s a formal occasion you can go for formal shoes. you can go for semi-formal shoes like groves or monk straps and finally, you can also go for a great pair of loafers. that’ll pay extremely well with your outfit. now very important if you want to go one step further and impress everyone on that formal occasion you can wear a suit. like in this case if it’s a formal event ideally match your trousers to the color of your jacket if it’s a slightly less formal event.


Semi-Formal Party Look:

The kind of event I am speaking about play around with the color of your pants.  just make sure pairs well with the color of your jacket and also when you’re going buy a suit ideally get it from a tailor. get your own tailored suit that will fit you perfectly all right. so that covers it all when we’re talking about the formal look but what about parties where it’s a little more chill. maybe you’re going out for someone’s birthday and anniversary, maybe your fancy Club or fancy bar let me hand it over to slightly more children.

we’ve all right so while we’re talking about the formulas casual look you’ve got keep in mind two key factors. play around with colors and play around with batteries like in this case. check out this pattern showed if you pair it with the correct pants it looks absolutely fantastic. because this is extremely fashionable currently so while it’s in vogue. while it’s still factorable make complete use of it and you can see.


So let us know if you like our fashion tips and share your experience in the comment section below.

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