Mobile is The Largest Selling in India

By | August 26, 2018

The list of top five smartphone vendors has been disclosed by IDC or International Data Corporations. According to research, Bharti has named the names of five best-of-its-time smartphone companies.


Mobile is The Largest Selling in India


You may believe that the name of this company is not heard by the Indian people or the buyer will be less. Of which 1.7 million units have been sold.



Very few people would realize that Vieu and Oppo are both owners of the same company. But both of them are being marketed in such a way that Indian customers do not know it. It has sold 2.5 million in India.



The company is China’s largest company and now Aamir Khan is a big advantage for the company as it is in the brand. In India, there are 12.6% and 4.2 million unit shipments in the public sector.



Samsung is the second number after Zyothi. This South Korean company has made its own separate market in India for years. It is also competing against a company like Apple. But Samsung’s defeat to Zioni has come to an end. According to this year’s Samsung data, 8 million phones are sold.



Zyomai has maintained its position in the Indian market. In India, Zyomai is a big market after Samsung and Apple. Because of the demand for Zyomai in the market above it, it is popular in India. He only sold ten million units in May and June.

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