My Name Live Wallpaper | My Photo Live Wallpaper

By | October 21, 2018

My Photo Live Wallpaper or My Name Live Wallpaper allows you to have your photo as well as your name set in different themes and allows you to set that as your live wallpaper

This is live wallpaper in which you can write your name or whatever and that name will appear on your home screen. My Name Live Wallpaper lets you set your name as your phone’s wallpaper.


My Name Live Wallpaper | My Photo Live Wallpaper

  • Enjoy watching your phone screen as your name flashes in attractive colors.
  • You can impress your love with her name flashing all over your mobile screen.
  • Simply enter your first and last names and tap set as wallpaper.
  • Your name appears in different colors and font styles when setting as wallpaper.


My Name Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper in which you can write your name or other names with solid colors with many types of fonts on your home can set the position of your name on the screen where you want. In My Name Live Wallpaper you can write anyone Name, text, Message etc and You can Choose any photos from Gallery or Camera. Enjoy this Live wallpaper with your own name and your own Photo in live wallpaper.


Features of My Name Live Wallpapers

  • Small in size
  • Option to change Solid and Gradient color
  • Load images from the gallery, Camera.
  • Add the different color to your name and also different style to your name.
  • Option to appear and disappear Name on Screen(Enable/Disable).
  • Option to show Backgrounds from your gallery, Camera or from this application.
  • Option to enable borders, shadow, and many other effects.
  • Write your Name from the Settings page.
  •  Select My Name text position (Top, Bottom, Middle or Anywhere on Screen).
  • Change My Name text Color.
  • Change My Name Shadow Color.
  • Choose different fonts.
  • Option to Choose your Personal Background.

Now you can choose your background from Gallery or take it from the camera.

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