Some Unknown Facts About The World’s Poorest Country

By | August 18, 2018

International Desk: American Bolivia President Morales has prepared his own 29-floor luxury home in La Paz, the capital of La Paz. It is claimed that its value is $ 34 million (estimated at 238 crores). The country’s economy is weak, people are criticizing the government on this royal expenditure. They have called this step to divide the country. It is worth mentioning that Bolivia is so poor country that people here are not allowed to get sick.

The world’s poorest country where people are not allowed to get sick, the President made a 234 crore house at government expenditure


Some Unknown Facts About The World’s Poorest Country

America’s poorest country

During the inauguration of the building last week, Morales said that the new building will have five ministries apart from the president and other political offices. This will reduce government spending.

Bolivia is the poorest of South America. According to purchasing power, Bolivia is ranked 87th in the world. The World Bank has called it a country with low middle income. 

In the Manav Vikas list, there is also number in Bolivia 119.


The government did not provide information about the facility of buildings

  • There is no official information about what facilities are inside the building, but recently a local newspaper, Pagina Ciet, has published information about it.
  • Akhbar said that the building has a jacuzzi bathtub, gym and massage arrangement at the 1068 square meter suite. There is a private lift for Morales.
  • The helipad has been prepared on the roof in addition to three underground floors. Communication Minister Gilles Lopez has not confirmed that news.

However, Gileaga has made a statement that it has been prepared for the general public and its value is not $ 34 million.

Rules changed for President

  • The new home of Morales has been named People’s Grace House. The old government palace has now been made foreman. There was a fire twice in it.
  • The Bolivian law does not allow the construction of tall buildings, but Morales has changed the rule using privilege.
  • According to Carlos Torrows, a political expert, this is an insult to the country. Morales wants to immortalize himself using the building. Buildings are also unethical because they have no right to get sick in Bolivia.

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