The Secret Behind Billion Dollar Company

By | August 27, 2018
Want to Build a billion dollar company?

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Here we have a full report on how to Build a billion dollar company.


Fancy Home, Private Jet, Strip Watching, Condo All are pretty impressive, is not it? You need money to get all this. And money comes from the business. I have not yet made a billion dollar company. And I want to share with you how to make one with you, and by mistake, I have prevented me from producing yet.

Most of my friends are entrepreneurs like me, they’ve done well and when you see me, you think, a successful boy, a good house, his money, he dresses. But you know, I’m really really compared to my friends, really poor. I have many friends who do not have wages, business income, but their pay is in millions of dollars every year. I have friends in the Fortune 1000 list, and people qualify for five, 10 … In fact, I do not know anyone above 10, but I know some people between $ 5 and 10 billion. It’s a lot of money, is not it? People think that millions of dollars are very much money, no billions of dollars are not enough money. I have seen that some of my friends go to the Vegas casinos, and people are really depressed, and they are 50 great at this place. But what do you know? Like giving 50 great people to them, I have to give some dollars In the Forbes, or Fortune 1000 list, they are as rich as $ 5 billion or $ 10 billion.


The Secret Behind Billion Dollar Company

So here’s a thing that you need to do if you want to build a billion-dollar business.


#1. Choose the Business that Fixes the Problem for Large Market Cap

You are not about how you are doing, or how smart people are on your team because you know, to build a million dollar business or a million dollar business, you can do it. But the difference between creating billions of dollars against hundreds of crores, you need to solve the problem for big business cap. One of my first businesses is called crazy eggs. Many businesses use it. We have thousands and thousands of companies that use crazy eggs every day and what they do helps you optimize your website, in this way most of your customers are converted into customers and this is a great pain that many people are experiencing. Is there.

But here’s a problem, and this is one of the reasons that Crazy will never ever run a billion-dollar business. Think about Uber on the other side now that it does not solve a big enough problem. They are solving transport problems. They are making you more efficient to go to one place, and spending money to reduce it, and the best, you do not need to drive. You can become a poor person, and now you can become a driver like that rich people. Uber is the main problem-solving. It was a big problem that they increased the size of the entire taxi industry market. That’s right, before recovery, the taxi industry was really small. They did not take part in the taxi industry, they increased it, and made it big. So if you do not solve a big problem and go after a big market, you will not be able to do a billion-dollar business.


#2. See the Competitors

Now you have this idea, you have some competitors that can not be directly competitive because Uber has not competed directly with taxis. Many people do not think that I want to take a taxi, or recover, because they are like oh, I need to go to some place, I want the umpire instead of my boil Like me, I do not even drive, okay But even when I’m in New York, it’s easy to hold a cab, in most cases it’s catching ugly but if you’re not really going after a bigger market then you’re not doing well. Can the third.


#3. Go after a Huge Market Size

Many people, and you might think, even if I want to do a billion dollar business, then I want to make this new category, but no, wait. Of course, you can innovate in the field, but by doing something it is actually a big thing if you are not familiar with TAM, T, A, M, TAM, then there is a total marketable market size. So if you do something like cellphones market size or CRM market and say they are worth 50 billion. Will we be bigger than Salesforce? If you dream it, maybe it will be. But the opportunities you do not have, but it’s good. If you are, you know, 5 percent salesforce, you’re a thousand dollar company.

So if you are like advertising space, or CRM space or support, or if you go after transit, or automation, or trucking or shipping containers, then how it can be boring, such as doctors, or docks like Companies, or whatever they are. They are huge. This is because they are doing something that is quite big. And if you really go after a huge market size, if you take 1% of this, you can do it well.


So if you are not sure if your idea is so big, where you can mark that billion dollar mark, leave a comment and I’ll answer, and I’ll tell you whether this is a big idea or not. And if you are unsure and need help, go to Google Finance, you can see other publicly traded companies and their finances, which will help you decide whether the idea is a good idea or not. You can type in stock holdings like Apple, AAPL, and it will declare their stock price and market cap.

The second thing you can do is go to Google Trends and type the important words related to your location, and it will show you how many people are searching for things related to your location, such as a computer. So once you have that chart, and if it’s too big, you’re doing a good job. If it is small, you’re doing poorly and compare it when using Google Trends for the digital marketing term. There should be at least 10 times more than the date of digital marketing. And then, if you are uncertain, leave a comment, I’m here to help you.

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