Check Who is Using Your Adhar Card

By | August 16, 2018

Most Aadhaar-based transactions are authenticated by sending an OTP to the mobile number registered against your Aadhar. If you change your mobile number and don’t update it on Aadhaar, you will not be able to authenticate OTP-based transactions.

The only way you can change your registered mobile number in your Aadhar card is by visiting an enrolment center near you.


Check Who is Using Your Adhar Card

Sitting at home you can also check your Aadhaar authentication history. This means you can verify where all your Aadhaar has been used in the last six months. You can lodge a complaint in the case, you find any instance of misuse. As UIDAI says on its website, “This feature can be used to view Authentication details.

Fetch your Aadhaar authentication history (Notifications) data.” Also, to avail of this facility online you are required to have your registered mobile number handy.


Do you know where your support number is being used? 
Where did he give his photocopies or his place of support?

But you can find out where the support number is being used. Maybe you do not even remember how often you.

You can also know that there is no misuse of your support number and you are not able to. In no place, your support is not being used, which informs you…


Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has given it the facility to check it. This Authority manages your support. If you want to check your base, then you …

Go to

  1. Support Orientation History page.
  • Here’s a link- Here below, you will see Aadhaar Authentication History written below.

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