Top 5 I.T Jobs in 2018

By | August 12, 2018

Hey, everyone, we are back again with another post. In this article, I have sorted out top 3 as technology jobs that you can look around for now. before we get started in this let me just put a statement there. these by no means these jobs are top 10 highest paid jobs are topped in. only jobs or just like that anything like that. is not here now these are just the jobs that have looked up and I actually wanted to share with you. because I think that you have already started your career with the IT industry like computer science or information technology or an engineer. and now you want to get much more clarity that where you can move on further. so with this let’s get started with the top 3 IT jobs that you can look up for.


Top 5 I.T Jobs in 2018

Now I have cleared up and sorted out a list here. there is going to be a cheat sheet for me for the top ten jobs that I want to discuss. these are my bullet points and I’m going to lookup them and I’m going to show you that how you can get started with these jobs. as these are the most lucrative job offers that you can look along for with a big giant small Giants medium giants that you want to have.


1. UI and UX designers:

So let me start it on my list the very first job is for the UI and UX designers. Now a lot of people join into the engineering, but still, they have their heart with the animations and designs and sketches and all these things. Now the great part is now all those guys who are designers can actually move into the technology. Now, for sure you have to learn a lot of new skills and the basic job of a UI, UX designer is to make sure that how your mobile apps look like or how your website or web product looks like.

Now in the recent days if you live in India you might have noticed that one of the best job being done is by the book my show app. in case you don’t know about then I’m not actually promoting them or anything just wanted to make sure that if you have used the previous version and now version you will eventually notice that a lot of jobs is being done by the UX and UI designers. now everybody knows that there’s going to be certain tabs in the app and they will take you to the next page. but how that page will look like and how actually the entire structure is being designed. we want to make sure that the user actually preceding our app is all the role of the UI and UX designer. furthermore, they also decide what kind of colors should be used, what kind of team we should use, how the user should propagate navigate, and all these exciting stuff comes up with the UX and UI designer.

Now obviously you need to be good in little bit sketching. you need to learn the software’s like photoshop illustrator or in case you are on a Mac there’s the one great software that I personally use every single day is sketch app. now obviously it’s paid and all the software that I mention here out paid but I don’t want to promote any product. I just want to give you an overview of that so number one on our list is UI and UX designers.


2. Web developer

let’s look at the next job that we have got is the web developer. now web development is something which is always going to stay in the computer industry. you cannot get rid of all those websites I know most of the things are switching to the mobile. but you cannot get rid of the website. now web developers also break down into the two main job categories the front-end developers and the back-end developer. yes, there are developers who are full stack developers as well. but mostly in most of the major Giants have seen that people go with the front end and the back end development. as well now the front-end development or the front end developers are responsible for designing the website making the structure or what the people actually see.

There now it usually involves HTML CSS and JavaScript and there are a lot of others. as well like to react or angular but that’s a different topic. it usually gets started with the basics of HTML CSS and JavaScript that’s the front end part. now at the backend part, there are letters of options there now nowadays javascript is actually overcoming. a lot of things especially with the involvement of the node.js and firebase and a lot of other things. but I would say there is a lot of option like you can go for the Python. you can go for Ruby on Rails. you can go for the angular no J’s and tons of PHP is already there. .NET is there so a lot of back-end development.

Now usually the back-end developers are the ones who design the databases. who designed everything that runs on the backend the front-end other guys who just put the things neatly and nicely. and of course there is a great contribution is required and they should have been planned and like that to make the product really look outstanding. but again a lot of people eventually with the time become the full or full stack developers as well but that’s again a personal choice. if you want to become a full stack developer or front-end or back-end that’s actually I’ve categorized into the web developer.


3. Network Engineers:

let’s look at the next one next one is the network engineers. now obviously their job is not the one which everybody sees but we need some guys definitely who can look out for the servers. who can look out our connection from the computer to the Internet are really good. our servers are maintaining. how the things are working nicely there what protocols to follow. their job is not being seen by the world but, actually, they are a very important they are responsible for a lot of networking stuff. again you might have heard about the Cisco dealing up with a lot of certifications the network engineer is again an exciting job.


4. CyberSecurity:

you don’t face a lot of people there but it’s very a high-end professional job that we have now next up is everybody’s favorite cybersecurity. professionals now obviously every product needs the security. so security jobs are booming quite a lot nowadays. especially with the involvement of the bug bounties and everything. it’s nowadays pretty much easy to find security professional because of these bug bounty things. but again I would say a security professional is a very tough job to get started and even as the learning process is quite a lot. to make sure that you choose it very wisely. again just learning about the security tips and everything is not going to work for you. you need to be good at some of the scripting languages as well you can get started with Python or Ruby as well. but a nice security engineer or security professional actually moves into the programming then the actual potential comes out of that person.

Now, of course, you can just stay and survive in the industry with the knowledge of SQL l fi RFI. whatever other things are there but again make sure that you also learn to programme as well that’s the key element of becoming from a good security professional. to advanced and high-level security professional make sure that you keep in mind.


5. Mobile Engineers:

Now next up we have is the mobile engineers. everybody knows that how the mobile world is going on now especially in the iOS and Android sector. there is a special boom and special ER in the last couple of years. after the launch of the swift Android is actually booming iOS is actually booming to end there native apps that are coming up. as well so mobile engineers are under rocket into the nearby future. and I expect much more higher growth in the mobile app development. and a lot of fundings are also being provided for the new app ideas and that’s a very lucrative offer so you can get on to the mobile engineer job. as well now here is a quick tip that I would like to give to all the mobile engineers.

Now always get started first of all with the native apps. yes, you might want to get started with the hybrid app but if you want to get started with the mobile engineer Jobs get started as a simple native app developer first, later on, move into the platform of the boat or move into the hybrid app development. But at least get started with the native now. why I’m saying this because and when you start with the native app development. you actually get the ins and outs and what are the actual things that you need to do and what are the things that you are missing in the hybrid app that’s very crucial and important point. now my favorite is iOS but that doesn’t mean Android is lagging. it’s actually booming equally but it’s always a personal choice and preference that you eventually develop with that.


So we hope now you are clear with the Top 5 I.T Jobs in 2018.

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